Culinary Tips to Level Up Your Kitchen Game

Let’s admit it — cooking can be fun but intimidating as well. Thankfully, there are an easier way or shortcuts to doing things in the kitchen. And you know what? You don’t have to attend culinary school in order to become good at cooking. You also don’t need to have expensive equipment to improve your culinary skills! To improve your kitchen game, here we’ve compiled some simple and effective culinary tips so you can enjoy cooking more.

Culinary Tips to Level Up Your Kitchen Game

Peel Bananas Easier

Finding it quite difficult to peel a banana? Try peeling a banana on its end to make it easier for you to peel it. Monkeys do this, and you can, too!  So, the next time you want to eat a banana, peel the end first for the best result.

Caramelize Onions Faster

Using a pinch of baking soda, you can caramelize the onion much faster. After all, caramelizing onions can be time-consuming. Adding a bit of baking soda will speed up the cooking process, allowing you to cook the onions much faster.

Peel Ginger Effortlessly

Peeling a ginger takes time. But don’t get troubled. All you have to do is to get a spoon and use its edge to peel the skin off of the ginger. This will enable you to peel the ginger with little to no effort as the skin just comes off easily by using a spoon.

Cutting Peppers

Hot peppers can irritate and even burn your skin. To avoid burns and irritation, you can wear plastic gloves so you don’t have to touch the pepper directly. You can also use vegetable oil to protect your hands and skin. Rub the oil on your hands before slicing hot peppers –

Testing Oil

Before adding your entire ingredients, throw a small piece first. If the oil immediately sizzles, then it is hot enough to cook your food. When deep-frying, it is essential to make sure that the heat of the oil is hot enough to deep-fry your food faster. Also, try not to make the oil too hot, too! Oil, if not hot enough, will cause the food to be greasy — too hot it will burn the food.

Tasting Dishes

Before serving your dishes, always make sure to taste them first. If you’re satisfied with the taste, then serve it, if not, add more seasoning. Also, before you season your food, don’t forget to taste it first. You don’t want to over season your food, do you?

Cooking should always be fun, and with the culinary tips provided above, cooking will surely be fun and enjoyable!

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